About to hop into your Uber to hang out with your friends at the beach but you'll notice that patch of hair on your leg that you missed shaving when you were in the shower? 

WAIT! Don't go back into the shower... You'll be late!
Our Shower Free Razor Kit Got Your Back 

Shave Those Missed Spots On The Go!


Shave In 3-Easy Steps
1. Spray the desired area.
2. Rotate to the moisturizing bar on your missed spot.
3. Turn the center dial to the razor blade and shave!
Designed For Travel
It's compactly made to be fit in any bag and to be used anywhere without any limitations.
Long-Lasting Ingredients
All materials used in our pre-shaving soap are made from Sulphate-free, SLS-free, Wheat free, Paraben-free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Animal cruelty-free ingredients!
Stash It Anywhere
From your back pocket to your gym bag, backpack or luggage, you can fit it anywhere you want.
No Shower Is Needed!
The Shower Free Razor Kit does the job for you no matter where you are.
The Shower Free Razor Kit contains
1. Refillable water spray,
1. Vegan moisturizing bar and
2. Razors
Shower Free Razor Kit

Shower Free Razor Kit

• With this portable Shower Free Razor Kit, give those missed patches of hair a quick touch-up from anywhere you are.

• Sensitive skin? Don't worry. We use the highest quality razor blade and moisturizer in our compact device to protect the skin from having razor burn or any irritations.
• No running water is needed! The refillable water spray is to give you the satisfaction of the job getting completed from anywhere.

• Makes a perfect gift for anyone who has noticed unshaved hair when it's too late to jump back to shower!

• Makes you go "OH, SO SMOOTH!"
Free Worldwide Shipping
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Pick Your Color
About Shower Free Razor Kit

It's all said and done as easy as twisting the middle to switch between the refillable water spritzer, the pre-shave soap bar, and the razor blade.

Don't miss out on your plans because of the missing spots! All you have to do is to throw this compact Free Shower Razor Kit into your bag and use it whenever you'll find a patch of hair on your body!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeanne Ward

This is such a brilliant idea. It's so useful. I bought two. put one in my car all the time in case I miss a spot. thank you

Pearline Towne

I have not tested yet but it seems to be very useful. has a bottle, moisturizing bar and two razors.

Lydia Rau

AMAZING! exactly as described and in the picture. I brought this for a festival, not expecting it to work but it's actually really good and I would 100% recommend it. it's so easy, you can literally put it in any bag, not just for festivals. ALSO, the soap smells good... I was expecting it to smell bad but it actually doesn't! shipping was quick, came to the UK in just under two weeks. The razor came in the original packaging. great product, thank you!!!!!!!

Dion Gulgowski

Havent tried it but looks cool and cute. Kinda gross that its a bit dirty.

Sheila Bailey

Very good! i bought few to give to my grandkids. 3 blue, 3 purple and 4 pink! Thank you very much!